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Vendor Registration

It’s time to plan for the wedding season!  The coronavirus pandemic may have stopped in-person gatherings, but that only means it’s time to get creative and put events online.  What better way to demonstrate than to hold a virtual bridal expo?

The Hometown Media Network is producing The Hometown Bridal Expo on Saturday, March 20th, from Noon until 4 PM.  Segments will be pre-recorded, but presented as if they’re live as part of one seamless broadcast event.  We have produced multiple online gala’s, auctions, expositions, and training seminars over the years, but due to the situation created by the pandemic, the past year has been our biggest.

The pandemic has also led to the rise of virtual shopping, a new trend which is growing with unlimited potential for customers to view and shop your product or company.  We are developing our own opportunities around this concept, and The Hometown Bridal Expo is just one part of that plan.  Take a look at the details below and let us know if you’d like to participate!

        This will be a “virtual” show.  We will not be gathering in a single physical location or at the same time together.

        All vendor fees go toward advertising, production, and show expenses.   

        We will have a $300, $150 & $50 Gift certificate drawing. 

        The show will run from Noon until 4 PM, with time and Zoom virtual rooms set aside for you to interact with potential clients and customers until the end.  You are asked not to leave your virtual room until 4 PM.

        For an additional $100, you can be interviewed LIVE during the fashion show.

        The primary deadline to reserve and pay for your space before March 1st.  After March 10th, the booths will be $50 more.

        We will be advertising the event heavily online and with the following radio stations:

        WJXQ (Q106) in Lansing

        WKHM-FM (K-105.3) in Jackson

        WCSR (92.1 FM / 95-5 The Dale) in Hillsdale

        WBZV (Buzz 102.5) in Hillsdale

        Vendors are encouraged to promote the event on their own web sites and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Please do not hesitate to contact us!  We look forward to an exciting and successful event! 


·         Leisa: (517) 358-8655

·         Scott: (517) 581-9519 

·         Email – leisasalisbury27@gmail.com

Exhibit Space Pricing:

Basic ........................................................................ $ 175.00

        Banner spot in rotation on the event’s front page

        Link to your website on our list of vendors

        Zoom conference room

Regular......................................................................$ 250.00

        Banner spot in rotation on the event’s front page

        Link to your website on our list of vendors

        Zoom conference room

        2 minute video spot played during the event

        LIVE emcee plug during the event

Premium................................................................... $ 300.00 

        Banner spot in rotation on the event’s front page

        Link to your website on our list of vendors

        Zoom conference room

        2 minute video spot played during the event

        LIVE emcee plug during the event

        Name mentioned in advertising (rotation)

        Emcee interview with your company during the fashion show

Additional Details:

        Advertising will include online and local radio ad buys.

        All food vendors (caterers, cakes, candies, etc.) must be licensed thru the appropriate State of Michigan department.

        We reserve the right to limit the number of vendors in any particular category.

        Tech support will be available during the event for any issues.

        Payments will be made online via PayPal.

        All vendors must log in by 11am the day of the show.

        No booth sharing or business materials that are not associated with your business.

        Vendor fees will be used toward production, show expenses, and advertising.

If You Choose to Participate In the Fashion Show:

Due to the logistics of gathering people at one location during the pandemic, we will be renting a large space for recording.  You will only be allowed 2 persons and no more at the shoot.  Everyone entering will be temperature checked and required to have a mask on if within 6’ of another person.

Please use an Excel spreadsheet to submit all items that you will be showing, including the item numbers, a description, additional traits (size, color, etc.), and any further details you would like to be featured.

You will be given a date and arrival time for recording.  You will not need any pipe and drape; we will only be filming the runway.  Please let us know if you’ll need a table to prep your products.


Hometown Media Network and its representatives reserve the right to restrict participation.

Any potential liability is limited to the value of this contract.

Payments are non‐refundable and non‐transferable.

Terms of Contract:

Hometown Bridal Expo, hereafter referred to as “HMN”, its agents, officers  or employees, shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury to Exhibitor, its agents, employees, helpers  &/or guests, which may occur on or about any part of the subject production premises, regardless of  how such an injury or damage may have occurred. Exhibitors shall hold “HMN” harmless and shall indemnify “HMN” against  all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all costs in  connection with the defense thereto, including attorney’s fees, resulting from the Exhibitor’s actions.

1.  Setup Production day: Setup of showcase items must be completed 45 minutes before the filming. If an Exhibitor leaves the Virtual Room early, the Exhibitor shall forfeit its rights to participation in future virtual shows. Your Virtual Booth can be anywhere like your showroom, Living Room or office, if you need help planning your setup please reach out to our team so we can assist. We suggest your background be free of clutter and distractions such and kids, animals or customers.

2. “HMN” reserves the right to demand removal by an Exhibitor of any items which may not be in keeping with the show’s image.

3. “HMN” reserves the right to make rules and regulations it deems proper  and necessary and the exhibitor agrees to accept such rules and regulations.

4. Exhibitors may only display or distribute their materials or image to attendees. Non‐Exhibitor materials are not allowed.

5. All municipal, state, and federal requirements in connection  with sales must be fulfilled.

6. This contract cannot be assigned without the prior written consent of “HMN.” The Exhibitor cannot share their Virtual booth space with another non‐Exhibitor. “HMN” reserves the right to restrict displays that interfere with other Exhibitors.

7.  Reasonable precautions will be taken by “HMN” to protect persons and property during the show; however, neither the  show management, production facility, nor representatives of any of the same, shall be responsible for the personal safety of  the Exhibitor or its representatives from injury, or the safety of the property of the Exhibitor from theft or damage.  Exhibitor waives all claims for damages of every kind against “HMN” based on property damage, destruction, loss or theft,  personal injury or death and any other act.

8. Virtual booths will be a professional space where customers can interact with the Exhibitor face-to face over a Zoom conference room. If the Exhibitor wants a one on one session, we suggest that they schedule a time with the attendee either by another conference room or Facebook messenger or like service 

9. “HMN” will be collecting names/addresses/email and phone numbers from attendees, “HMN” will be distributing a bride list to vendors immediately following the event. If exhibitors wish to obtain a mailing list, please make sure we have your correct email address.

10. In the event of  adverse weather conditions, fire, casualty, disaster, labor disputes, acts of God or any other emergency situations  beyond the control of “HNN”, “HMN” will, at its discretion, reschedule and/or procure alternate time for the show. “HMN”  shall not be liable to Exhibitor for any loss or damage suffered by Exhibitor by reason of such rescheduling and/or  relocation of the show. Except as specifically provided otherwise in this agreement, should “HMN” fail to hold the show,  NO refund of ANY amounts paid will be returned to the Exhibitor.

11. In the case of an internet blackout, server malfunctions or attendees firewall issues “HMN will not be held responsible. “HMN” will have a backup location either by YouTube/Facebook for attendees to still view the show. If however the show cannot be held it will be rescheduled for a date and time when allowed.

12. “HMN” may issue additional rules as it deems  necessary for the orderly presentation of the show. For the convenience of the Exhibitor, “HMN” will accept submission of  this agreement by mail or electronically and shall be deemed to be an original document and fully enforceable there as. 

13. The Exhibitor in signing this agreement acknowledges his, her or their authority to do so and hereby assumes  liability for the terms and conditions and amounts stated herein.

14. This agreement and performance hereunder, and  all suits and proceedings hereunder shall be interpreted and construed pursuant to the laws of the State of Michigan.  This agreement shall represent the entire agreement between the Exhibitor and “HMN”. No provision can be modified  except by written mutual consent. If any clause of this agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the remainder  of the agreement shall continue in full force and effect without regard to the invalidated clause.


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